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Disney’s "Prom" focuses on students in high school getting ready for, you guessed it, Prom night. "Prom" follows a group of teenagers anticipating one of high school's biggest events as well as their attempt to rekindle relationships and or find the perfect date for this special once in a lifetime affair. In "Prom", Nova Prescot (Aimme Teegarden) finds herself attracted to troublemaker Jessie (Thomas McDonnell) who doesn't understand what the big fuss over prom is. Having got into trouble an endless amount of times, Jessie is given an ultimatum that he must help with prom if he wants to graduate. Meanwhile, Lloyd Taylor (Nicholas Braun) is on a search for a date, or any girl willing to go with him. He finds novel, unique, and interesting ways to ask his potential prom dates to the event, but most of his plans end up backfiring. The movie follows these and many other students' tribulations surrounding their prom, including tales of anxiety, insecurity, excitement, and crushes.