Lab Rats

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“Lab Rats” follows 14-year-old Leo (Tyrel Jackson Williams) as he moves into his step dad’s mansion and discovers he has three superhuman siblings, each equipped with their own super powers! Chase (Billy Unger) has unlimited intelligence capacity, a commando app (which can turn him into a fearless brute named Spike), and the ability to create an energy blast force field. Adam (Spencer Boldman) has super strength and laser vision while Bree ((Kelli Berglund) has super speed, can jump really high, rappel off walls and has the ability to defuse any situation her and her brothers get into quickly. Leo quickly befriends his new siblings and sneaks them out of the house for their first taste of freedom, while they in return make Leo the most popular kid in school! But disaster soon strikes when their bionic apps are enabled and chaos ensues, with things only getting worse once Leo’s step dad Donald Davenport (Hal Sparks) finds out, sending the superhuman teens back to the lab where they can focus on controlling their superhuman powers. Together with his new family of superheroes, Leo must deal with typical high school life and the not so typical superhuman world!