What's in store for the Ross kids on the 'Jessie' spinoff?

Jessie Disney Channel

Okay, so now that it’s confirmed, the speculation begins! A Jessie spin off means a whole new world of possibilities on Disney Channel and EVERYONE is throwing their two-cents into the pool of “What if?”

The Ross kids are all grown up, and they’re pretty much able to fend for themselves at this point. Even though Jessie (Debby Ryan) is taking her leave, and Cameron Boyce will be off doing his own thing, there are still stories to be told!

So what do our resident pop culture gurus Diamond White and JJ Totah have to say about this brand new show? What new adventures lie in wait for the kids? And what other surprises could be in store?

There’s still a while until the Jessie spin off lands on our airwaves, which means there’s plenty of time for news to break. Think we’ll see any new additions? Let us know YOUR speculations in the comments below!

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