Weekly App: Garden Plan

Garden Plan

Some of you might be using your iPad with a green thumb, and with spring in full bloom, you’ll want to put your gardening skills to work.
Garden Plan is the perfect app for your iPad that lets you optimize your gardening experience.  You’ll be able to make your dream garden a reality with this app by your side.  With Garden Plan, you’ll know when the perfect time is to plant your seeds and the best dates to harvest.  You’ll also be able to customize the size and shape of your garden with the app, so it will know your layout and plants planted almost as well as you do!
You and Garden Plan will be the perfect team this spring and summer.  Set reminders, and it will let you know based off of its huge database when to seed, water, and pick.  Check out the video below, and prepare for the best gardening season of your life this year.  Because with Garden Plan, you’ll have the handiest gardening tool with you since the watering can!  Also, don't forget to pick up Angry Birds Space if you haven't gotten your hands on it yet!
We can’t wait to pick the reddest tomatoes we’ve ever grown this summer, this app is so easy to use!

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