TODAY: Join Mindless Behavior for a Cambio Live Chat

Mindless Behavior Cambio Live Chat

We’ve all dreamt about it: getting to talk with our favorite member of Mindless Behavior.  Well, later today, you could be just a little bit closer to realizing that dream!
It’s time to log onto your Twitter account, and dig deep for the questions that you want answered most.  Then you can either ask Mindless Behavior by tweeting @Cambio or using the hashtag #MBCambioLive along with your question.  Then, at 7:00p.m. ET/4:00p.m. PT, log onto the Cambio live chat page, and join the live chat as Mindless Behavior answers questions from their fans.  Could you imagine the excitement if they pick yours?
What will you ask them about?  Upcoming tours?  A possible album?  What music they might be working on?  The possibilities are endless.  Just make sure you get your questions in as soon as possible.  The chat goes live in less than two hours.  We’ll be there for sure, and we can’t wait!
We’ve got to think of some questions to ask our boys!


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