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Mindless Behavior Clothing Line Valentine's Girl

It’s time to make some major room in your closet, because Mindless Behavior are about to drop their own clothing line!
Starting February 1, you’ll be able to dress with the swag of Ray Ray, the style of Roc Royal, the class of Princeton, and the flashiness of Prodigy.  The boys of Mindless Behavior are teaming up with Kmart to bring you an all new line of clothing and merchandise.  And if that weren’t enough, MB will be taking to select Kmart stores to hype up their new lines.  Want to see if you’re close to a location hosting the group?  Check out their website for a list of cities.

And the news keeps rolling in!  We knew the boys wouldn’t pass up Valentine’s Day to release a song for that one special girl.  On February 7, if you have the Mindless Behavior Roadie App, you’ll be among the first to listen to the stream of their new single ‘Valentine’s Girl!’  Want to join the discussion with other fans?  Tweet with the hashtag #MBValentinesGirl or visit the website to talk with other fans!  

We can’t think of another band that knows how to cater to their fans as well as these four boys!  What are you most excited for?

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