Summer Fashion Tips From 'Teen Beach Movie'!

Teen Beach Movie Fashion

Did you get a chance to watch the new Disney Channel movie, ‘Teen Beach Movie’ this past weekend? The film takes place in the 1960’s and tells the story of a couple, Mack (Maia Mitchelland Brady (Ross Lynch), that accidentally ends up on the set of a musical! The film is filled with plenty of retro inspired beach fashion, but with a modern twist!

The film stars two main groups, the surfers and the bikers, who each have their own sets of style.  The biker look features a lot of leather.  The boys rock leather pants with leather vests and leather jackets.  They wear a lot of red too, like red undershirts and red bandanas!  The ladies wear more girly looks, like Lela who rocks an adorable red and white polka dotted dress during ‘Cruisin for a Bruisin’.  You can dressing like a modern day biker by throwing on a black leather jacket with a pair of jeans or wearing red and white polka dots like Lela! Try even wearing a leather headband with teased hair!

The surfers are much more into color than the bikers! The surfer gals wear floral dresses and ruffly bathing suits.  The boys wear pastel polos and printed Hawaiian shorts.   The boys also wear printed shirts and board shorts.  To get the surfer look this summer, wear a cute flowery dress or a pastel colored top!

Be sure to check out ‘Teen Beach Movie’ if you haven’t seen it already and check out the soundtrack on Fanlala Radio!


Photo: Disney Channel

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