Something for Everyone in Feb: Spring 2014 Movie Calendar

Springtime for movies has traditionally means the last of the Oscar hopefuls have made their cases and the plethora of "summer" movies are still a bit off. January and April used to be a deadzone for films, but in the last few years more and more films have been turning huge profits in this season. Hollywood has took notice and we're seeing a fair crop this year so here are the big releases that we can look forward to. 


Jan 10--The Legend of Hercules (PG-13). No singing in this movie about the Greek hero himself, which looks 300-ish so boys will see the movie and stars Twilight's Kellan Lutz to get the girls. 

Jan 17--Ride Along (PG-13). Kevin Hart asks his girlfriend to marry him; however, he must first win the approval of her cop brother (Ice Cube).

Jan 17--The Nut Job (PG). Desperate park animals must rely on an outcast squirrel in order to steal enough nuts to survive the winter.

Jan 24--I, Frankenstein (PG-13). If Frankenstein existed today and mixed up in a demon war.


Feb 1 (*just added to theaters) --Barbie: The Pearl Princess (G). Barbie finally goes big screen playing a magical mermaid.

Feb 7--The Lego Movie (PG). An all-star cast leads Lego's big screen introduction that features DC superheros and a brand new CGI technology that imitates the Lego stop-motion effect. 

Feb 7 (*new date) --Vampire Academy (NR). Hollywood's quest to find the next Twilight gives us an adaption of a book where a high school girl/vampire must protect her clan from immortal vampires.

Feb 12--Robocop (PG-13). The violent 80's film featuring a cyborg policeman returns to the big screen in order to protect future Detroit. 

Feb 14--Endless Love (NR). A rich girl falls for a boy (with a dark past) that her parents hate. Yeah, it's a Valentine's Day movie.

Feb 14 -- Winter's Tale (PG-13). A burglar falls for an wealthy she dies in his arms. It also turns out he has the ability to reincarnate people. 

Feb 28 --Welcome to Yesterday (NR) A boy watches an old home video of his 7th birthday and finds his current self in the video. This all leads to a time machine and some unfortunate events. 


Mar 7--Mr. Peabody & Sherman (NR). The old Rocky and Bullwinkle characters travel through history and help various historical figures accomplish their famous achievements.

Mar 14--Need for Speed (NR). The famous racing video game series comes to the big screen and features one man's, well, Need for Speed. 

Mar 21--Divergent (NR). What is it? A dystopian future where a special teen girl must save her people from people being annihilated. Hollywood's Reasoning? See Vampire Academy.

Mar 21--Muppets Most Wanted (PG). Hoping to replicate past successes, the new Muppets film is a sequel to the last film as well as a spiritual successor to The Great Muppet Caper. Oh and Kermit is mistaken for an escaped French criminal. 

Mar 28--Noah (NR). Former Pick Award winner Logan Lerman and Russell Crowe try to stay afloat during the Biblical flood.


Apr 4--Captain America: The Winter Soldier (NR). Gone are the nostalgic days of fighting Nazis, now the Captain finds himself in a modern spy thriller.

Apr 11--Rio 2 (NR)-- New: Blu and Jewel have a family. Old: They're still up for adventure. 

Apr 18--Bears (NR). Prepare for feelings as this years DisneyNature Earth doc features a family of bears.

Apr 25--Earth to Echo (NR). Neighborhood kids investigate a series of eerie text messeages after a new construction project goes up.

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