Sink Your Claws Into 'Warriors'

Warriors: Omen of the Stars #5: The Forgotten Warrior by Erin Hunter

Attention bookworms!  It’s Monday, and that means the Fanlala book club has a brand new HarperCollins adventure for you to curl up with!
In the world of Erin Hunter’s Warriors, four clans of wild cats are put at odds by a mysterious darkness lying deep within the forest.  One of the cats, Ivypool, is working as a spy for a  separate clan is putting herself in deeper of a risk with each passing day.  Meanwhile, another is paralyzed with fear, confronted with dreams of what lies ahead.
Meanwhile, tensions are mounting between the clans as a mysterious outsider appears in the ThunderClan.  Clanmates are soon turning against each other, and no one’s word can be trusted.  What was once held sacred is falling apart before their very eyes, will the evil forces triumph?
 Warriors: Omen of the Stars #5: The Forgotten Warrior is part of the ongoing Warriors series written by Erin Hunter.  Below, we have a trailer for the Warriors series, and the end of the article just a taste of the exciting adventure.  If you can’t put it down, you’ll want to get more information at HarperCollins website where they can help you get your hands on the entire series!

If you’re new to the book club (or just want to check it out again,) don’t miss out on Liesl & Po, Fanlala and HarperCollins’ choice for Book of the Month.  Stay tuned with us for the latest on all the hot reads!   

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