The 'Shake It Up' Series Finale Premieres on Sunday

Shake It Up Disney Channel

Can you believe that this weekend, the final episode of ‘Shake It Up’ will be premiering on Disney Channel? Say it isn’t so!

A fashion show for a good cause gets turned upside-down when Cece (Bella Thorne) has an accident and winds up with amnesia. Things aren’t looking well when she realizes that she doesn’t know anything about herself… or her friendship with Rocky (Zendaya)! We sincerely hope that Cece gets her memory back. We don’t think we could bear to see the friends go their separate ways at the very end.

Can you believe that ‘Shake It Up’ premiered exactly three years ago today? It’s been a long road for the amazing friends of Cece and Rocky, and we’ve met so many interesting characters along the way. The series finale “Remember Me” premieres on Sunday, November 10 at 9:00pm ET/PT only on Disney Channel. There’s no way we’d miss this one!

There are still years of amazing music from ‘Shake It Up’ available, and you can check it all out on Fanlala Radio. Download it today, and relive all of the amazing memories!

Photo: Disney Channel

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