'Shake It Up' Is Coming to an End!

'Shake It Up' Has Been Cancelled

Oh no 'Shake It Up' fans! It has just been confirmed that our favorite show has been cancelled! We are so sad to hear this but as we have said before, all good things must come to an end. This show will have run for three seasons, and we should add three absolutely amazing seasons. Our two faves on the show, Zendaya and Bella Thorne, will be moving on to other projects but as the supportive fans we are, we will continue to encourage whatever they do in the near future. 

Zendaya has been working on her music and should be coming out with her album September 17th! Even though we are sad to no longer have this show, we could not be more excited to hear all the creative music she has been working on this past year.  She also is supposed to be working on an original Disney channel movie as well as another film based on the book 'Boys Are Dogs.' Wow! She is definitely continuing to keep herself busy! On the other hand, Bella has wrapped from shooting on the new Adam Sandler movie while just being cast for an indie thriller named Home Invasion. Whoo! Both these girls are on to the next and making huge moves with their careers!

So even though hearing 'Shake It Up' has been cancelled, we could not be happier for the two! So make sure to keep an eye out for them because these young starlets will continue to show everyone what talent they have to shine! Keep an eye out for any of their music on Fanlala Radio

Photo: Disney Channel Media Net

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