See How You Can Get the Ariana Grande Look!

Ariana Grande

It’s time to break down another celebrity style for Fanlala Fashion Friday. This Friday we’re looking at Victorious star Ariana Grande, who has a great way of expressing her unique taste in style. No matter if she’s walking in the halls of Hollywood Arts as her character “Cat” or out with the girls, she always seems to look great no matter what she’s wearing!

Ariana’s character “Cat” in Victorious always has something funky and fun on.  She loves t-shirts with crazy animal prints, which stores like Target and Walmart have great options!  You can match those wild shirts with a pair of fun pants, torn up or even colored, the crazier the better. To get that extra flair, add tons of accessories like studded bracelets, big bright rings and floral hair clips.  You can find great deals on accessories by shopping at Claire’s and Forever 21 stores!

Similar to her character “Cat,” Ariana loves embracing her funky side. For a laid back look she loves her simple tees, chunky sweaters and skinny jeans. But when she wants to add a little more chic to her everyday look, she likes to throw on a cute dress with a pair of chunky heels or boots. Now for the best part, accessories, she loves her natural jewelry, especially items like beaded bracelets, fabric necklaces and braided rope bracelets!  

Just think girlie chic, yet funky and you can have your Ariana/Cat look down!

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