Say Hello to Mindless Behavior

Mindless Behavior Hello

Mindless Behavior has just released the video for their latest track “Hello” and one of the boys isn’t exactly in the best of spots...
It looks like Prod was out a little too late last night, because his mom isn’t about to let him hang out with the rest of the crew.  When she has to run an errand, she trusts him to stay and stick with his punishment.  Minutes later he gets a call to hang out with his boys, did you really think he’d stay inside when there’s fun to be had?  Follow Mindless Behavior when they meet up with some lucky ladies, and watch the events as they unfold in the video below.  Does Prodigy get off scot-free?
It’s already been a huge year for Mindless Behavior.  They’ve dropped their own line of clothing in K-Mart stores, and impressed us with their app Viddy available on all sorts of mobile devices.  Their fans can only wonder what MB has in store for them in the coming months.  Fingers crossed for an album announcement or a tour perhaps?
We hope they keep the momentum they have now, can’t wait to see the continuation of the story in the next video!

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