Save the Date: KPF Spring 2013 Movie Calendar

With the winter Oscar season having ended and a high octane summer far off into the distance, we enter the lull of the Spring Movie Season. In fact, January rarely sees anything of note besides shelved films or failed Oscar attempts. Fear not though! Starting in February, there'll be plenty of releases to keep everyone entertained 'til summer officially kicks off in May. Actually, there's enough new releases on Valentine's Day to keep you occupied until March! (Please keep in mind though that many of these films are not yet rated and some may end up being rated R.)

Sadly, nothing.


Feb 1, Warm Bodies -- Zombie's have been having a renaissance of sorts with a horde of zombies flooding the market. However, no one's really attempted a zombie/human love story before.

Feb 14, Escape from Planet Earth --A couple of blue aliens known for their daring rescues find themselves trapped on Earth. The film may benefit (ala Gnomeo and Juliet for being the only children's film to come out in quite sometime.

Feb 14, A Good Day to Die Hard --Yippie ki-yay! another Die Hard film, this time we find John "Glass Feet" McClane teaming up with his son to battle (more) terrorists...(Oops, this one turned out to be Rated R.)

Feb 14, Beautiful Creatures --Now that Twilight has ended, every studio is rushing to adapt supernatural young adult books with "star-crossed" lovers. This time in the form of southern witches/satanists. Huzzah!

Feb 14, Safe Haven -- What would Valentine's Day be without a love movie? So lovers rejoice, there's a Nicholas Sparks' movie out to fill the void.

March 1, Jack the Giant Slayer --The "adult take" on children's fairy tales trend continues with Jack and the Beanstalk. This time it involves a kidnapped princess.

March 8, Oz: The Great and Powerful -- Sam Raimi's non-"Wicked" prequel to the beloved film tells the origin story of the wonderful wizard and the various witches.

March 15, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone -- Steve Carell is a Las Vegas magician who finds the tables turned when his job is threatened by Jim Carrey.This is worth it just to see the two comedians with magician hair. 

March 22, Admission -- A Princeton admissions officer finds herself bending rules for a kid she believes to have given up for adoption long ago. Yes, it's a comedy.

March 22, Olympus Has Fallen --The film is described as "Die Hard in the White House." Enough Said.

March 22, The Croods -- Another film that might benefit from being the only animated film audiences will be able to see in theaters. The Croods is about cavemen being led by the voice of Nicolas Cage.

March 29, G.I. Joe: Retaliation -- Originally scheduled for last summer, it was pushed back so close to its release date that Retaliation toys were already lining the shelves. It was officially pushed back to add 3D, but the rumor is the date was changed to reshoot scenes with Channing Tatum who was originally slated to be killed off at the beginning of the film to appease haters. Over the last year, Tatum's popularity shot up tenfold so killing off the Sexiest Man Alive no longer seems like a good idea.

March 29, The Host -- "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer's other book gets its own film adaptation. This time compliments of cult director Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, In Time).


April 5, Jurassic Park 3D -- With 3D conversions all the rage these days, it was only a matter of time before the beloved Spielberg film got an extra dimension to showcase a T-Rex.

April 5, jOBS -- Ever since the late Apple chief died, there's been a rush to get a biopic to the screen with this being one of two expected films.

April 12, 42 -- At long last a Jackie Robinson pic makes its way to big screen with Harrison Ford doing his growly voice the whole time.

April 12 and 19, Oblivion -- Tom Cruise stars in this devastated Earth film, but more importantly it's being written by Star Wars 7 writer Michael Arndt. This is only his third film to open (Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine are the other two) and will allow everyone to see how he handles the sci-fi genre. Also note that the film is hitting Imax a week before it hits regular theaters.

April 26, The Big Wedding -- A big ensemble piece that revolves around what else? A wedding. Starring who else as the bride? Amanda Seyfriend, who is the bride or the fiancee in most of her more recent films. Hey, girl rocks a white gown.





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