Ross Lynch Biography

Ross Lynch Bio

Most commonly known as Austin Moon from the Disney Channel series “Austin and Ally”, Ross Lynch is an extremely talented teenager who can sing, dance, and even act! Born in Littleton, Colorado, Ross Shor Lynch has four other siblings who help make up the band R5. Before the band was formed, the boys of the family, including Ross, formed the dance group “Rage Boyz Crew” so they could compete on the show So You Think You Can Dance. Later that year, the family recruited close friend Ellington Ratliff to join their band, thus forming R5. Ross’s youngest brother Ryland then became the band’s manager. Ross auditioned for the Disney Channel series “Austin and Ally” in  2010, and quickly became the show’s breakout star.

Ross is currently wrapping up his tour “Loud” with his band. When he isn’t living the Rockstar Dream Ross loves to skateboard and to play hockey. In the future, he would love to learn how to fly a plane; however, he is afraid of roller coasters. Some of his favorite things are: Japanese chewing gum, rain, the color yellow, and parkour! Check Ross out in his upcoming project, as the star in Teen Beach Movie!

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