R5's "Pass Me By" Music Video is Here!

R5 Pass Me By

Ahh, whenever we watch and R5 music video, life just seems… perfect. Well things just got even better, because last night, R5 released their latest video for their most recent single!

“Pass Me By” was the perfect way to end the summer, and with tease after tease, it looked like the music video was going to be the perfect way to look back on how amazing 2013 was! Well R5 blew us away once again! Down below, you can check out the video and relive all of those amazing moments with R5, and just remember how awesome it is to spend summer with that perfect someone!

R5 premiered “Pass Me By” on Disney Channel last night, right before the world got to experience it on their VEVO channel. And they’re nowhere near done, either! “Pass Me By” is just the first step on the road to ‘Louder!’ They still have their first ever appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ next month, and don’t forget they’ll be a part of MTV’s Top 10 in September as well!

Things are going so well for R5! We cannot wait to hear their first full-length album, ‘Louder!’ In the meantime, we’re always jamming out to them on Fanlala Radio. Love these guys!

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