POMPEII: Joel Courtney & Kat McNamara's Movie Star Movie Crix Movie Review

  1. Pompeii is ambitious: it strives to be an epic, sword-and-sandal action thriller romance in a disaster movie that is also historically-accurate! KidsPickFlicks' Movie Star Movie Crix Joel Courtney (Super 8) and Katherine McNamara (Contest) evaluate if director Paul W.S. Anderson pulls it off:

"Pompeii, a mashup between Titanic and Gladiator, adds itself to the list of unusual Valentine's Day movies in the box office this year. It is indeed a love story, two people destined for each other but prohibited by social class, only interrupted by gladiator tournament fighting and blood. The performances of Kit Harington, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, and Emily Browning were fantastic and really draw the audience into the film. The special effects were stunning, showing how Mt. Vesuvius' colossal 79 AD eruption utterly destroyed the beautiful city of Pompeii in less than 24 hours. While the storyline was predictable at times, the movie was still enjoyable. Please note: there are several intense scenes throughout this film with blood, guts, gore and disturbing images. 3 stars."

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