One Direction to Star on iCarly

iCarly One Direction

Carly, Sam, and Freddie are about to experience a European Invasion all of their own as One Direction is set to guest star on an upcoming episode of ‘iCarly!’
Utterly sick, Carly receives news that the band One Direction wants to star on iCarly after receiving an invitation.  Contagious Carly gets one of the band members sick, and she immediately begins to care for him.  Too bad Harry isn’t sick, he’s just crying wolf for attention.  When his secret is exposed, the band tells Harry that Gibby is his new replacement as revenge.  Uh-oh...

Meanwhile, it’s up to Spencer to take care of a bratty girl, and give her a makeover for his new job as a personal trainer.  We already know this won’t end well.

Filming for this episode begins very soon, and you’ll be able to catch it sometime during ‘iCarly’s’ fifth season!  The band One Direction will even be performing their track “What Makes You Beautiful!”

We’re huge One Direction fans here at Fanlala, you can count on us tuning in!

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