Nickelodeon Wants You to Figure It Out

Figure It Out

Mention to anyone who grew up watching Nickelodeon in the 90s the show ‘Figure It Out’, and you’ll do more than light up a few eyes.
Do you have an unusual or bizarre talent?  Then ‘Figure It Out’ is the show for you.  In each episode, a panel of celebrity guests team up to guess the unique skill that is held by kid contestants.  Each round, the celebrities are presented with audio or visual clues that help them guess the hidden talents.  After three rounds, if the panel can’t guess, then the contestants take home the grand prize!
Originally debuting in the 90s, ‘Figure It Out’ was hosted by Olympic gold medalist Summer Sanders.  This time around, Jeff Sutphen, who played Nickelodeon’s Pick Boy in numerous campaigns will be taking over hosting duties.  As far as the celebrity panelists, there are so many names we have in mind.  We’d love to see Victoria Justice, Cymphonique, Lucas Cruikshank... the list goes on!
We can’t wait to see a whole new round of celebs and fresh talent on ‘Figure It Out’!


Photo: Nickelodeon

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