Music Monday with Logan Henderson, Kenton Duty & Logan Miller!

Logan Henderson

We love hearing what our favorite stars are listening to, and who should be on our radar.  Check out who they're listening to our Music Monday blog!

Logan Henderson (Big Time Rush)-"I can't stop listening to The Temper Trap."

Savvy & Mandy- "Even though they are not a new band, we love Paramore. Their music is amazing, and we think Hayley Williams is so talented!"

Kenton Duty (Shake It Up)-"I really like a new band called R5.  They are a family band.  They have great music.  The band puts on a super, fun show.  Plus, they are really, genuinely nice!!  Although not a band, another musician everyone should listen to is Devon Werkheiser.  His music is great.  He writes from his heart and is very talented.  He, too, is genuinely nice.  If you can't tell, I like music because the musicians are talented, but also because they are good people too!!"

Logan Miller (I'm in the Band)-"Dead Man's Bones, which is Ryan Gosling's band with a whole children's choir. The sound of the band is almost haunting, its really great!"

Photo:  Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

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