Movie Star Movie Critics Movie Review: THE HOBBIT is a PICK!

Katherine McNamara ("Girl Vs. Monster") and Joel Courtney, the star of Super 8, are's Movie Star Movie Critics -- and they rate The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey a PICK! 

"Dungeons deep and caverns cold make up only part of the unexpected journey that a young Bilbo Baggins finds himself on. The Hobbit, a prequel to the beloved Lord of the Rings movie saga, takes viewers on a thrilling journey this holiday season. Riddled with humor, haunting music, and breathtaking New Zealand landscape, Peter Jackson outdoes himself with a beautiful movie led by an incredible cast of performers who will keep you on the edge of your seats hoping they succeed. Jackson set his sights high as he alters the storyline of the original masterpiece by Tolkien, creating a storyline that could be confusing for book fans with added history and battle scenes of such large proportion, you feel that perhaps the Dwarves must have additional Jedi powers in order to survive."

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Joel Courtney and Katherine McNamara star together in next year's Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. You can follow them on Twitter @Joel_Courtney and @Kat_McNamara

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