Movie Preview: Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez

Monte Carlo Poster Selena Gomez

Summertime is definitely in full swing, and Fanlala has details on the perfect movie for you to go see with your friends!  

“Monte Carlo” stars Fanlala fave, Selena Gomez, who plays down-to-earth Grace Bennett.  Grace’s ordinary summer trip to Paris turn into a fairytale vacation when she is mistaken for British social royalty.


Joined by her best friend  Emma (Katie Cassidy), the recent high school grads are ditching their day jobs as waitresses in Texas for a trip overseas to discover themselves, and in Emma’s case, find a cute European boy. The trip gets off to a rocky start when Grace’s spoilsport stepsister, Megan (Leighton Meester) is assigned as chaperon. Upon arrival in the ‘city of love’ the trio’s spirits sag when they are discouraged by their less than luxurious accommodations and horrible weather.  Grace’s fortunes change, however, when she is mistaken for British socialite Cordelia Winthrop Scott and is whisked into a fancy hotel and lavished with the good life. How lucky is that!

The girls seize the moment by taking the socialite’s invitation to a charity ball in Monte Carlo along with her grand suite, clothing, and accessories (including a $4 million necklace.) But when the necklace goes missing and the real Cordelia unexpectedly arrives, Grace, Emma and Meg have to rely on their southern wit and charm to keep their glamorous getaway from turning into a full Monte meltdown.

Double Selena Gomez (one with a British accent),  gorgeous scenery, and an adventure with friends?  Does it get any better?

We’re definitely gonna take a break from the heat to hit the theaters for this one!  Are you ready to tour the French Riviera with Selena this summer?

Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez

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