Monique Coleman's World Tour

Monique Coleman

We not only love Monique Coleman as an actress but for what she's doing to help make change.

The UN Youth Champion will embark on a world tour to promote the International Year of Youth. She aims to raise awareness on youth issues, encourage young people to use their ability to foster progress in their communities and urge the international community to take responsibility on youth issues.
“The purpose of the tour is to see first-hand what youth all over the world are experiencing. Through social media and streaming technologies, I intend to connect youth who may have previously felt worlds apart,” Coleman said.

The world tour will kick off in Sydney, Australia where she will visit local schools, attend meetings with leaders of the Ministry of Youth and visit colonies.  Using her online talk show Gimme Mo’ as a platform, she will connect youth worldwide and urge bridge building across cultures, religions and generations. 

Check out her World Tour Dates below!  Congrats to Monique on her cool show and what she's doing to make a difference!

Feb 1-12 Australia

Feb 13-16 Thailand

Feb 17-21 Philippines

Feb 22-28 Singapore

Feb 27-Mar 7 China

Mar 7-9 Beijing

Mar 10-17 Japan

Mar 19-24 Bangladesh

Mar 25-April 1 Asia

Apr 2-11 India

May- Africa

June -Europe

July -South America

August 10-12 New York



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