Miranda Cosgrove Surprises Her Super Fan!!

Miranda Cosgrove, star of Nick's iCarly has a ton of fans, but one lucky girl got to meet her today (October 12) on the Rachel Ray Show! 


Kelly thought she was on Rachel Ray's show to talk about why she loves iCarly.  Kelly, who is a super fan, has never missed an episode and looks up to Miranda in every way!

Rachel asked Kelly what she would do if she saw Miranda, and Kelly responded that she would "go crazy!"  At that point, Miranda came out on stage to surprise her biggest fan.  It was so cute!!  The girls chatted about what it was like to be famous and what the starlet does in her spare time.  Miranda named hanging out with friends, movies, and horseback riding as her favorites.

KSM also performed on the special Columbus Day episode. If you missed the show you can go to rachelrayshow.com to see some awesome vids of Miranda's surprise and the KSM girls!

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