Miranda Cosgrove "Dancing Crazy"

Miranda Cosgrove Dancing Crazy

Miranda Cosgrove is currently traveling from coast to coast on the “Dancing Crazy” tour. While on the road, this talented lady has let Fanlala in on some of the fun of her latest pop-rock song. We are very excited to share a preview of her brand new party video with all you Miranda Cosgrove fans. 

You can catch the iCarly star letting loose with her girlfriends on a football field and riding on the backseat of a convertible in her new video for "Dancing Crazy." The brand new single also inspires the name of her current tour with Fanlala's favorite Greyson Chance

Written by Avril Lavigne, "Dancing Crazy" is the lead single off Miranda's new five track EP titled "High Maintenance" which will be released on March 15. The track has already made its debut on the Top 40 chart.  The full version of "Dancing Crazy" premieres on Nickelodeon Sunday, February 13, at 6:25 pm.


Catch a sneak peek below and these exclusive pics

Photo: Sony Music

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