Meet Prom's Simone & Lucas!

Danielle Campbell, Nolan Sotillo

As promised, we're introducing you to the cast of characters leading up to the big "Prom."

Meet "Simone" and "Lucas"...

Simone Daniels (Danielle Campbell) is the girl next door.  Beautiful, friendly and accessible, Simone has no agenda—she is free-spirited and approaches life with an open innocence, appreciating the moment. Somehow this outwardly-and-inwardly beautiful girl has flown undetected under the teen-guy radar…until now.

Then we meet Lucas Arnaz (Nolan Sotillo), who is an indie rock geek just about to learn how to balance friendship with love. Lucas tries to stay connected with his best friend Corey while following his heart—which is headed straight for Simone. Lucas doggedly persists in his attempts to get Simone’s attention, often enlisting Corey’s help, but he lacks the inner confidence to express how he feels.

We just can't wait to see how this all unfolds when Prom hits theaters on April 29

Photo:  Walt Disney Pictures

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