Matt Shively to Star in Video Game Movie 'noobz'

noobz movie

Wow, with all of the great games coming out, and a new movie/television series on Cartoon Network, it’s never been a better time to be a gamer!  Listen up, because the news keeps coming in.  ‘noobz,’ starring Matt Shively, is a video game movie hitting theaters in 2012!
Everyone aspires to be the best, and for four friends, their dream is the Gamecon Championship.  The ‘True Jackson VP’ star is set to play the character Oliver.  We’re hoping that the movie will deliver in the humor department, while shouting out to some of our favorite games of all time.
‘noobz’ also gathers the star power of Harland Williams, Mindy Sterling, and Zelda Williams (Yep!  That’s Robin Williams’ daughter!)  The movie is well into production, as Matt Shively tweeted on Halloween “First day on set, this is going to be epic, don't worry Gamers, your movie is being made as we tweet!”

Stay with us as details on ‘noobz!’ develop!

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