Luke Skywalker Returns in NEW-GEN

Mark Hamill, the actor primarily known as "Luke Skywalker" from the Star Wars movies and secondly known as The Joker in nearly every modern day animated version of the Batman story, will do something he hasn't done in a long time: star in a live-action movie. Hamill is the star of New-Gen, based on the A.P.N.G. comic book series (distributed by Marvel), is about twin brothers who discover their secret identity while fighting crime in a futuristic society. The project will also become a "3D-motion comic available as a cross-platform gaming product" (sound cool -- but what the heck is that?!).  

The project has Hamill written all over it. Hamill has made a MASSIVE career in voice-over since his light saber days and has additionally made a strong mark in the comic book space (check his resume here).

Source: Variety

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