Luke Benward Joins 'Good Luck Charlie!'

Luke Benward Good Luck Charlie

OMG! Did you see last night’s brand new episode of ‘Good Luck Charlie?’ Not only did "Rat-A-Teddy" deliver the laughs, but it looks like there’s a new apple of Teddy’s (Bridgit Mendler) eye.

For a moment, we were nervous. Bob (Eric Allan Kramer) lost Vern, one of his best employees. The family business, for a moment, seemed like it was in trouble. Bob, however, brought on the inexperienced Beau (Luke Benward), although he really had to prove himself if he wanted to stay...

Cue Teddy’s slumber party. She was holding it to forget her anniversary with Spencer, and everything was going perfectly. That is until PJ (Jason Dolley) and Emmett (Micah Wil​liams) lost their neighbors rat, Peanut Butter at the sleepover. After a quick panic at the party, it’s Beau to the rescue, and he captures the rat with, what else? Peanut butter! And with “the look” that he gives Teddy, it seems like he captures her heart as well.

You might remember Luke Benward from last year’s ‘Girl Vs. Monster,’ and you can expect to see him in the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Cloud 9,’ as well as future ‘Good Luck Charlie’ episodes. We have our fingers crossed for Beau and Teddy!

Photo: Disney Channel

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