Kenton Duty Becomes an Advocate to Fight Food Allergies

Kenton Duty FAAN

Kenton Duty of Disney Channel’s ‘Shake It Up’ has been busy in Washington DC to help out a very important cause.

The Disney star was chosen as the advocate for the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN).  Food allergies are an important issue for the government to focus on.  Following an unfortunate incident involving a student with food allergies at school, Kenton is working with FAAN in hopes to convince schools to keep epinephrine stocked.  Epinephrine will be provided in the event a child has an allergic reaction with any food product.

FAAN hopes that Kenton will be able to raise even more awareness of their cause.  The star is a huge advocate of the non-profit organization, and together they believe they’ll be able to save countless children.  With epinephrine well-stocked in schools, they’ll be able to save students who accidentally consume a food product of which they’re allergic.

We think this is an awesome move by Kenton, and we know that your efforts will be saving numerous lives!

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