Justin Bieber Talks 'Life-Changing' Trip to Guatemala

If you weren't sure how big Justin Bieber's heart can get, now you surely know. Justin just uploaded a "video confession" to his YouTube page, detailing his recent trip to Guatemala with Pencils of Promise which he enthusiatically claimed was life-changing. The singer recorded the video straight from his living room and gets very personal with his viewers, calling the trip a "wake-up call" and a realization that "any problem that I have is nothing at all because these kids have absolutely nothing...no food, no water, no education, and yet we stress over the little things and they're so happy." 

Justin and four other members of his team built a school for impoverished children in Guatemala, during which he says his eyes were opened for good. Though he admits that some people might say it's corny to say every person can make a difference, Justin is confident it's not because "today was a prime example of that... five of us went out there and the five of us single-handedly made a difference." Though he admits to inspire with his music, he knows he can lives in much more concrete and personal ways, and we are so proud and moved by his experience.

We are so inspired by Justin's video and so happy he is using his notoriety to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Check out the video blog below and listen to your favorite JB tunes on Fanlala Radio!

Photo via Getty Images.

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