UPDATE: I like to include the dates of when movies FIRST get announced they are getting made so we can all keep track of just how long it can take. In this case, I'm friends wtih the Schwatz family and so I know from their accounts how painfully long it takes for things to get going...but now, Gilligan's Island the movie is finally getting going! Josh Gad, he who made Olaf the most lovable snowman ever, will star and co-write the script. It would SEEM that he would play Gilligan, right, even though Gilligan's lanky body was part of the joke and Gad isn't "lanky." Small details! If Tom Cruise can play Jack Reacher, a character known to be a 6'6" blonde, and Daniel Craig can play James Bond, who Ian Fleming wrote as having a dark face with a 3-inch scar running down his cheek, well then, Gilligan can be a little chubby!

The TV show "Gilligan's Island" is about seven castaways stranded on an island.

Gad will write the script with two of the scribes from his cancelled NBC sitcom "1600 Penn," Benji Samit and Dan Hernandez.

March 3, 2010 - Gilligan's Island is finally getting the Brady Bunch treatment: getting a feature film. The iconic '60s TV show (both created by TV legend Sherwood Schwartz) about seven castaways stranded on an island will be brought into the modern day by Wild Hogs screenwriter Brad Copeland, who also wrote for "Arrested Development." In fact, Schwartz said he hopes "Arrested Development" star Michael Cera will play a lead role (um, Gilligan, right?)

Friend of KidsPickFlicks, Lloyd Schwarz, will also exec produce with his dad Sherwood. Producers include The Dark Knight/Batman Begins/Scooby-Doo producer Charles Roven.

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