Join Armie Hammer in Mirror Mirror!

Mirror Mirror Armie Hammer

This month we’ll be whisked away to a whimsical land as we’re treated to a retelling of the classic tale of Snow White with 'Mirror Mirror'!
In the featurette below, you can watch as Armie Hammer discusses his role as Prince Andrew Alcott.  A hunky, charming, and somewhat clumsy character, the Prince is torn between two women.  One one side, the evil enchantress Queen Clementianna is determined to have Prince Andrew to herself in order to keep the throne.  She bans Snow White, the rightful heir to the throne, to the forest when she finds that he is falling for the young woman.
Armie Hammer is a young actor who has already made a huge name for himself in Hollywood.  He’s starred in the Oscar-winning film ‘The Social Network’, and is lined up for the title role in ‘The Lone Ranger’.  Queen Clementianna will be played by Julia Roberts, and Snow White by Lily Collins.  Want to know more?  Check out the video below for ‘Mirror Mirror’, in theaters March 30!
We can’t wait to see this!  It looks like it has the perfect blend of romance, action, and humor.

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