Joel Courtney, Kat McNamara & Ryan Ochoa's Top 12 Movies of 2012

What were the Top 12 Movies of 2012?'s Movie Star Movie Critics Joel Courtney (Super 8), Katherine McNamara ("Girl vs. Monster") and Ryan Ochoa ("Pair of Kings") use their unique perspective as actors to compile the films they see as the best! 

For younger:

1. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift - A great addition to the beloved series! It has a winter theme so it's great for the holidays too!

2. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - Possibly the best film in the series, this film rivals the first in the series with its comedic brilliance and quality animation. A fun film for the whole family!

3. The Odd Life of Timothy Green - This film is so heartwarming. It is an instant classic with qualities for every age of viewer.

4. ParaNorman - One of the innovative stop-motion capture films of this year. The story has a few surprising twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

For older:

1. The Avengers - The special effects in this film were amazing making this one of the most incredible films of this year. We loved the chemistry between the superheroes as well.

2. The Amazing Spider-Man - This was a great reboot of one of the most classic comic strip super heroes of all time! Also, who doesn't love Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield playing opposite one another?

3. The Dark Knight Rises - This movie was epic. The special effects and fast paced story made it one of the most intense movies of the year!

4. Chasing Mavericks - We loved the cinematography in this film. There were several sweeping shots of the ocean and the beach that added a beauty to this film that is beyond compare. The story had a great message as well.

5. The Hunger Games - This intense film is an instant classic. This movie makes the action believable and intense without excess blood and gore.

6. Lincoln - This is one of the best movies we have ever seen. It captures the conflict of the period perfectly and includes some of the best performances of the year from nearly all cast members.

7. Pitch Perfect - This movie is just plain fun. With a hysterical script and great musical performances, it will keep you laughing, singing, and dancing the whole way through.

8 Les Miserables - This film is truly one of the most breathtaking movies we have ever seen. This re-imagining of the classic musical
shows a vulnerability not possible in the stage format.

Do you agree or disagree? Soon we'll be compilling the list of PICK and ICK movies of 2012 for our 7th Annual KidsPickFlicks PICK Awards. We look at how many kids reviewed the movie (good or bad) to decide which films are in the running. Tell us the movies you like the best (and were most disappointed in) from 2012 on Twitter @KidsPickFlicks ! 



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