Jimmy Fallon Heads to 'iCarly' this Saturday

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Nickelodeon is ready to kick off the final season of ‘iCarly,’ and this week they’re starting it off big with a major guest star.

‘iCarly’ is big in our hearts, but what happens when the online phenomenon reaches national levels?  Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon reveals he’s a fan of ‘iCarly’ and Carly (Miranda Cosgrove), Sam (Jennette McCurdy), Freddie (Nathan Kress), and Gibby (Noah Munck) head to New York to star on ‘The Jimmy Fallon Show.’  Of course, who figured things would go perfectly, especially with those four on set?

Something happens on set that causes $500,000 worth of damages, and it looks like ‘iCarly’ might be put out of production for good!  Tune in this Saturday, October 6 for a special hour-long episode of ‘iCarly,’ “iShock America.”  And check out our interviews with the 'iCarly' cast about the episode below!

This season of ‘iCarly’ isn’t coming up short with guest stars, either.  Creator Dan Schneider said earlier today “In editing, working on the new episode of@iCarly with EMMA STONE! Omg, she is so freakin' FUNNY! #WeLoveEMMASTONE!!!”

We can’t believe they got ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ actress to star on ‘iCarly,’ we’re waiting eagerly for that episode to air.  This is going to be an amazing final season!

Photo: Nickelodeon

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