Jimmy Bennett to Perform for Uneeqability

Jimmy Bennett

Ryan Beatty and Jimmy Bennett are performing at The Roxy for Uneeqability’s second live show!

Uneeqability was created to promote underground artists.  It also inspires people to go after their dreams!

The website, which has been up for a year, (the one year anniversary is today) was created by Kyle Burgess.

At the first live show, Savannah Outen and Josh Golden were among some of the featured artists who sang, along with a special appearance and performance by Sterling Knight. After a successful show in July, Uneeqability decided to have another set to showcase more artists to fans.

So if your Uneeq and love music go check out Ryan Beatty and Jimmy Bennett at The Roxy on October 1st for the second Uneeqability LIVE show!

You can get tickets and more info here!

Photo:  Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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