'Jessie' - "Pain in the Rear Window" Premieres Tomorrow on Disney Channel

Jessie Pain in the Rear Window

Fans of a certain classic movie are going to go wild for this week’s episode of ‘Jessie’ when it pays tribute to the amazing suspense movie ‘Rear Window.’

The school is hosting a carnival to help raise money, and Jessie (Debby Ryan) is in charge of it all. When it looks like her booth may not raise as money as she was hoping, Luke (Cameron Boyce) steps in and offers to show off his dance moves to help with the fundraiser. While showing an example, he slips and falls, injuring his knee. It looks like Luke will have to sit and watch while the rest of the group has fun at the carnival.

Everything seems boring until Luke starts noticing some suspicious activities. Will he be able to warn everyone about what he’s seeing? You’ll have to tune in to “Pain in the Rear Window” tomorrow, March 1 at 8:30pm ET/PT only on Disney Channel. Guest starring is the wonderful Jennifer Veal, back once again as Nanny Agatha. We wonder what she’ll be up to on this week’s episode.

We hope that Luke can uncover what’s really going on at the carnival - this sounds like it’s going to be one suspenseful episode!

Photo: Disney Channel

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