Jennette McCurdy Goes to Ariana Grade for Boy Advice

Our favorite on-screen babysitters, Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande from Sam & Cat, are best friends in real life! The two stars share the same birthday, but they also share much more than that. After all, when you spend almost all day, every day with someone on set, how could you not form a special bond of friendship?

Jennette recently spoke to EntertainmentWise and gave us a peek inside a normal day for the dynamic duo. On a normal day, Jennette spilled that "if we're on set, we rehearse and then go have lunch together, usually to a healthy place... And then we go back to work and then usually when we're done if we're exhausted we'll just go straight home but if we're just hanging out for fun, I'll usually go over to Ariana's house and we'll watch movies, pick outfits for each other and plan what we're going to wear and talk a lot about boys." 

They sound so normal and fun! Wonder if they talk about Nathan Sykes or Andre Drummond? What do you and your BFF do for fun girls nights? Do you think Ariana & Jennette would give good boy advice? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo via Getty Images.

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