Jason Earles is "Kickin' It" Next Season on Disney XD

Disney XD Kickin' It

There is a brand new show coming to Disney XD next season that is going to be full of action.  In "Kickin' It" the owner of the worst martial arts studio in the country needs some serious help to turn around his business.  Former Hannah Montana star Jason Earles plays the owner of Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy.  He decides to recruit a hotshot skateboarder, played by Leo Howard (a real life black belt), to whip his misfit group of students into shape.  In the process they learn about life, karate and how to just plain kick it.

The cast also includes Mateo Arias (younger brother of Moises Arias), Dylan Riley Snyder (Disney's "Tarzan" on Broadway), Alex Jones and Olivia Holt.  The show is set to premiere later this year on Disney XD!

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