Iron Weasel Has Songwriting Trouble In An All New "I'm In The Band"

I'm In The Band Chunky's Revenge

The boys of Iron Weasel feels the wrath of an angry fan in all new episode of "I'm In The Band."

In "Chucky's Revenge," writing a new song becomes a daunting and difficult task for Iron Weasel when their record producer Simon Craig also asks that they babysit his trouble-making son Charles. In the midst of penning lyrics pleasing to Simon's ear, the band’s level of creativity is threatened by Charles’ angry temperament.

Can Tripp (Logan Miller), Ash (Stephen Full), Burger Pitt (Greg Baker), and Derek (Steve Valentine) turn their ideas into an incredible song while dealing with Charlie's disruptive outbursts? Tune in on Monday, February 28 (8:30 p.m. ET/PT) on Disney XD. 

Check out more photos form the episode "Chucky's Revenge" here.

Photo: Disney XD/ Alice Hall

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