Interview: Drew Seeley with Info on 'I Kissed a Vampire' Movie!

Between vampire bites and a ‘Lazy Daze,’ Drew Seeley has been awfully busy as of late, which is great news for fans of this former ‘High School Musical’ star.
It was just announced that the popular webseries ‘I Kissed a Vampire’ will be receiving the film treatment.  The series is about growing up as a teenager, trying to fit into your society, and not hurting the ones you love... all while coping with becoming a vampire.  The rock musical hits theaters in Spring 2012, and will star Drew Seeley, along with Lucas Gabreel, as well as newcomer Adrian Slade.
Drew has also been busy with his music career.  Earlier this year he released his album The Resolution, and just a few days ago he debuted the video for his single ‘Lazy Daze’ on the internet.  Will he be able to coax the busy girl into taking a lazy day off?
We at Fanlala even got a hold of Drew to see what he had to say about both his series and his music, take a look!
Fanlala: Can we expect new situations for our favorite IKAV characters?
Drew Seeley: Not really. I live forever so, no need to evolve!  I'm just as bad of an influence this time around, you'll just have to wait and see what happens.. We do introduce some new characters though and there are a lot of new songs and dance numbers.

F: What was it like shooting your new music video?
DS: It was a legit house party! We ordered a bunch of pizzas and hung out all day.  A lot of my friends from high school in Orlando were in the video, so it was kind of a cool reunion too.
F: Any fun behind the scenes moments?
DS: Jumping in the pool with the underwater camera was fun. I couldn't convince anyone else to come in with me though. LOSERS! ;)
F: Are there any other projects that we have to look forward to?
DS: I just wrapped shooting a new movie musical for ABC Family Channel. It'll be out spring/summer this year and stars Chelsea Kane, Sarah Paxton, and Jane Seymour. Keep a look out, it's got a ton of great music, I get to sing a really cool song in it.

There you have it, Drew Seeley fans.  You’ll be seeing plenty of him in the future!  We can’t wait!

Don't miss out on his fabulous music video for "Lazy Daze" posted below!

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