HOUDINI Reappears with CHRONICLE'S Max Landis

UPDATE - The Houdini movie may have disappeared for some time, but now it's back, thanks to the magic of Max Landis. The Chronicle writer will revive the project by writing a new script for Sony. Francis Lawrence was committed to direct until he got The Hunger Games movies. While Landis does direct, it appears at this stage, he's just writing. 

Landis wrote the upcoming Daniel Radcliffe-James McAvoy starrer Frankenstein.

March 24, 2011 - Harry Houdini is the master of illusion -- he may have disappeared 85 years ago, but he keeps reappearing in movies as a character or reference point. Now, Francis Lawrence, the director of I Am Legend and the upcoming Water for Elephants, is in talks to direct a biopic about legendary magician Harry Houdini with Sony Pictures. Jimmy Miller (The Other Guys) will produce. Variety says the film would be a "large scale period production" that would focus on Houdini's "showmanship."

The only feature film about Houdini's life was in 1953 starring the late Tony Curtis and, for such an exciting subject, Houdini was a really boring movie. Take the job, Mr. Lawrence...take the job!


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