Host Nickelodeon Marathons of Your Favorite Shows Whenever You Want

Big Time Rush Nickelodeon DVD

Sure it’s a leap year, but February is still the shortest month of the year, and that means spring break will be here sooner than you think!
We can’t think of a better way to share those spring break nights with your friends than with marathons of your favorite Nickelodeon shows!  ‘VicTORious’ fan?  Then join Tori and all of her friends for their first year at Hollywood Arts High School!  And don’t forget about Season 2 when it hits store shelves March 18.  Big fan of Dan Schneider’s creations?  The first three seasons of ‘iCarly’ are yours to buy on DVD as well!

Let’s not forget ‘Big Time Rush’, either.  Their hilarious first season where they traded hockey sticks for mics and fame will make for a perfect marathon on your time off from school.  All of these collections are available in stores now.

We’ve been watching our favorite Nick shows over and over since they came out!  These DVD sets are totally worth picking up.

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