'Gravity Falls' is Coming Back for Season 2!

Gravity Falls Disney Channel

Let’s be honest, if we lived in ‘Gravity Falls,’ we’d be a little creeped out. But when we see the adventures of Dipper and Mabel on Disney Channel, we can’t help but laugh!

Well ‘Gravity Falls’ fans, flex your cheekbones, because the weird is getting ready to clash with the hilarious for yet another season, and you’ll be laughing like crazy! There are still a few episodes to run of Season 1, but we’re excited to know that the adventures have only begun. And to make things even more exciting, ‘Gravity Falls’ fans can head to Subway restaurants in August, where you can pick up a whole bunch of ‘Gravity Falls’ stuff!

‘Gravity Falls’ just might be one of our favorite Disney Channel cartoons. You can find music from all sorts of Disney shows on Fanlala Radio! Give it a download and treat your ears today!

Photo: Disney Channel

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