'Gravity Falls' is Coming Back for Season 2

Gravity Falls Season 2

Disney Channel’s ‘Gravity Falls’ is bringing you back for a second season of some creepy but hilarious adventures.

This month, you’ll be treated to all new episodes and brand new laughs when ‘Gravity Falls’ brings back Mabel and Dipper. Join the twins in the season premiere “Boss Mabel.” Disappointed with the way things are run in the shack, Mabel and Grunkle Stan face off in a little competition. Of the two, whoever can scrounge up the most money in three days can run the shack for the rest of the summer.

Mabel easily wins the bet by promising whoever lives in it that they can follow their hopes and dreams. Pair that with a little pampering, and she’s a shoe-in for the perfect boss, right? Not until things get a little out of hand, and Mabel finds herself wishing for some peace and quiet. Meanwhile, Grunkle Stan tries to win his money on a game show. Make sure you tune in to the season premiere of ‘Gravity Falls’ when it premieres Friday, February 15 only on Disney Channel.

We can’t wait to check out more hilarious, silly, and maybe a little odd adventures with the ‘Gravity Falls’ premiere this month!

Photo: Disney Channel

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