Get Creative With Disney!

Selena Gomez Album Cover

How would you like the opportunity to create your own music mash-ups or creative designs? Disney has created a site that is giving YOU the power to be creative!
With Disney’s new website, fans have the chance to create original art, characters, and stories. The site features programs where visitors can utilize a library of Disney graphics such as Toy Story Comic Creator, Miss Piggy Digital Painter, and Phineas and Ferb Robotinator. New apps and features are available every month on the Create site.
Not only can artists design art on Create, but you can also get make your own music mash-ups also! The new app is called Video Mash-up and it features videos from your favorite artists like Selena Gomez and the Scene. With the app, fans can mash together video clips from Selena’s hit album When The Sun Goes Down. Some feature songs are Hit The Lights, Who Says, and Love You Like A Love Song! Take video clips and create your own Selena mash-up music video mix.

What cool Selena Gomez inspired mash-ups will YOU come up with?

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