'Geography Club' Tells the Inspirational Story of Five Students

Geography Club

It’s October, which means anti-bullying awareness is at its highest ever in honor of National Anti-Bullying Month. To help further the cause, a brand new movie is coming to theaters and VOD.

Russell (Cameron Deane Stewart) is a 16-year-old high school student who has been going out on dates with plenty of girls, but there’s just one issue: he’s not interested in any of them. Instead, he’s been in a secret relationship with the high school quarterback Kevin (Justin Deeley). Meanwhile, Min (Ally Maki) and Terese (Nikki Blonsky) are forced to keep their relationship to “just a friendship,” while Ike (Alex Newell) is struggling with his own identity.

Together, the students form the Geography Club, a place where gay teens can go to support each other. Soon, the school finds out what the Geography Club is really about, and the students are encouraged to drop their secrets and show the world who they really are. ‘Geography Club’ comes to select theaters and VOD on November 15. You can learn more about the movie at facebook.com/GeographyClubMovie and on Twitter @geoclubmovie.

We know that ‘Geography Club’ is going to be such an inspirational movie, and we can’t wait to see it for ourselves!

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