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HarperCollins Book of the Month Seekers

In January we brought you into the world of 'Liesl & Po.'  It’s February, and that means HarperCollins and Fanlala have teamed up to bring you our second Book of the Month!

If you enjoyed the 'Warriors' series we presented last month, then February’s adventure is going to blow you away!  Erin Hunter, author of 'Warriors,' has penned a new series, Seekers, and we’re proud to make it our HarperCollins book of the month. 'Seekers: The Quest Begins' starts the story, chronicling three bears across the world. 

 Kallik is a young polar bear traversing across ice towards land alongside his mother and brother.  But they must arrive towards the land before the ice melts, spelling out certain danger.
Toklo, a grizzly bear cub, is pressured to find not only food with his family, but his mother needs him to retrieve medicine for his ailing brother, Tobi.
Meanwhile, safe in a zoo, Lusa is a black bear waited on by her keepers as they feed her and make sure she has everything she needs to be happy and alive.  But is she really happy?  Lusa would much rather take to the woods and rely on everything she’s been naturally given to survive.
You can check out a trailer to the Seekers online game below, as well as the full book at the bottom of this page, for free!  And with the second book of the franchise, ‘Seekers: Return to the Wild Island of Shadows’ out February 7, you’ll want to check out this book as soon as possible!

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