Exclusive Q & A: Zendaya on the "Charlie Shakes It Up" Crossover Episode


Are you ready for the "Good Luck Charlie/Shake It Up" Crossover?

We caught up with Zendaya in this exclusive Q & A to find out more about this episode!

Fanlala:  What makes this crossover so special?

Zendaya:  I think it’s the fact that the shows are so different but yet, very family based! It’s a fresh new blend, and people are going to love seeing the characters they know and love, thrown into different situations!

F:  What was it like learning the dance routine with Bridgit Mendler, her “Mom,” & “baby sister Charlie” on the show?

Z:  It was so much fun, they claimed they’d never danced, but they didn’t look it. Hahhaha! They are such nice people and working with them was 24/7 laughs!!!

F:  Tell us, how cute is baby Charlie, really? Any fun stories from her?

Z:  All I can say is ADORABLE!!!! She is so cute and quite smart. She always knows her mark!

F:  Why should everyone tune in for it?

Z:  Well, if you’re a fan of SIU and GLC you’re gonna love it!!! There are lots of surprising twists PLUS a super cool dance number!!!!!

Thanks, Zendaya, we can't wait!

Tune into "Charlie Shakes It Up" Crossover on Sunday, June 5 at 8 PM on Disney Channel!

Check out more pictures from the episode here!

Photo:  Disney Channel

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