Exclusive Q & A: Mr. Young's Gig Morton

Gig Morton

Disney XD is soon bringing us "Mr. Young," and so we decided to get to know more of the cast!  Meet Gig Morton, who plays "Derby!"

Fanlala: Tell us about your series "Mr. Young"

Gig Morton:  Mr. Young is about a 14-year-old genius, Adam, that graduated university and turned down a job at NASA and decided to take a job as a high school teacher for the experience of being in high school. He also wanted to teach kids about science. 

F:  Tell us about your charcter, "Derby"

GM:  Derby was Adam's best friend before he went off to university and picks up where they left off. He is the prankster at the school. He always falls asleep when Mr. Young tries to explain something in science class or he turns the lesson into a ridiculous story. He also tries to do good with the ladies, but never succeeds.

F:  Are you like your character "Derby" at all?

GM:  A little bit, but I am more of a nerd in real life.

F:  What is it like working with producer and writer Dan Signer

GM:  Awesome, he is actually a very quiet guy in person, but one of the most hilarious people I've ever met. Executive producer/writer Howard Nemetz is also very funny and an intricate part of the show.

F:  From watching the preview seems like you guys are having a blast on set, what's it like working with the cast?

GM:  We are always making each other laugh and having fun, but also working hard to help each other make a funny show.

F:   Any funny stories from set you can share?

GM:  Whenever there is a crazy costume in a show our slate master, Joel, will dress up during the live taping in part of the costumes. In the Episode called Mr. School Song my character, Derby, had to break a guitar.  I had the most difficult time trying to break the guitar. It took many tries. Guitars are actually very hard to break. In another episode Mrs. Byrne was supposed to hit me in the face with a adult diaper. When the diaper was thrown during the live taping, it missed its mark and hit me in an inappropriate area. Needless to say we did another take.

F:  If you could describe the show in 3 word what would they be and why?

GM:  fun for everyone......because it is!

F:  Why should viewers tune in to watch "Mr. Young?"

GM:  There is humor in Mr. Young that everyone likes. The jokes appeal to all kinds of people.

Stay tuned for premiere details right here on Fanlala!

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